Punch Reflex Ball




  • Comfortable Stretch Head Strap
  •  Easy to adjust String
  •  Improves your boxing skills!
  •  Requires minimal space
  •  Fits in your pocket or gym bag easily

This boxing tool will bring another fantastic & addictive elements to your boxing training! Whether you’re using the Reflex ball at the gym, at home, in a small space or looking for a fun way to train, the Punch Reflex Ball is perfect for you.

The Reflex Ball is designed to improve your hand-eye coordination, hand rhythm, accuracy & more.
This product is suited for most ages!
If you’re a beginner we recommend using this ball with a set of bag mitts.

Step 1. Place the Reflex Strap on your head.
Step 2. Undo the knots on the Reflex Ball end. ( Be cautious not to let the string fall off the ball! )
Step 3. Adjust the Reflex Ball and String length to the height of your Belly Button.
Step 4. Tie up the Reflex Ball with a knot or two and have a test run!
Step 5. If the string feels too long / short , adjust the string length until hitting the ball feels comfortable!
Step 6. Cut off excess cord ONLY when you are satisfied with string length.

PLEASE NOTE: Eye protection is recommended when using this product.